December 24th 2010 - Congratulations and thanks

Thanks to everyone who came to our concert on Monday. It was such a pleasure to finish this year with a concert like this. Thanks to Enio Vuceta who was our guest on bass guitar. The greatest thank goes to all the fans who have followed our work and supported us all year, as well as colleagues and the media who have helped in the progress of the band and made us all up to date with the news about the band, and thank to all dear people who have participated in creating the album and it's release. Every day you give us inspiration to continue on working. As the end of the year is near, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy new 2011 with a lot of happiness, success and rock'n'roll. What we do is a realization of our dreams, and we want you lots of power that you realize your own dreams! Continue to follow our news, because many things will happen in 2011. Rock on!

December 14th 2010 - Concert on Jelacic square

Next Monday, on 20th December 2010 band will perform on Jelacic square, beginning at 19:15. The concert will be announced tomorrow at Good Morning Croatia on National TV, where you will have the opportunity to hear more about that event and Angel of Fire!

December 8th 2010 - Interview in T3 Magazine

Read an interview with the band in the new issue of T3 Magazine (December / January 2011)!

November 19th 2010 - Meeting Richie Kotzen

Yesterday, Magdalena met fantastic American guitarist Richie Kotzen at the concert he held in Zagreb. It was so great to meet such a great musician, and is always a huge inspiration to us. Thanks and congratulations to all artists who performed yesterday, and of course promoters of the concert!

October 25th 2010 - Interview

Interview with Magdalenom for Croatian Metal and Rock is available here and with Vlad for Vecernji list newspapers here.

October 20th 2010 - TV show Garage and ringtones for mobile phones

Songs performed on TV last week are available in video gallery.
VIPnet users can order Angel of Fire ringtones for their phones, more information here.

October 5th 2010 - Concert in The Music Institute and TV show next Sunday

Thank you to everyone who came to our concert this Saturday in The Croatian Music Institute. Also thank to all media support and promoters of The Music Institute. A few pictures from the concert made by photographer Tomislav Veic are in the gallery.
We want to remind you that the performance of the band in the Garage show will be broadcasted this Sunday on HRT2 (National TV) at 19:30.

September 30th 2010 - Concert announcement!

Watch KANAL5 TV (available on MAX TV) tomorrow at 21:15, they'll talk about Angel of Fire and the concert in HGZ, maybe share some tickets! :)

September 30th 2010 - The plan for Saturday!

This Saturday morning we will play live on the radio show by Andro Tomovic on Croatian National radio 2nd programme. The show starts at 9 am. At 20 pm we'll play a solo concert at the Music Institute, Gundulićeva 6, and tickets that cost 30 kn can be purchased at the entrance of HGZ before the concert. See you there!

September 22nd 2010 - Solo concert in the Concert Hall of Croatian Music Institute

We are announcing you one very unusual event. For the first time in the history of the Concert Hall of Croatian Music Institute (Dvorana Hrvatskog glazbenog zavoda) will happen a rock concert. It will be Angel of Fire's solo concert next week on Saturday - October 2nd 2010 starting at 20h at Gunduliceva Street No. 6, Zagreb. Ticket prices are 30 kn (available at the entrance of HGZ).
Follow our news, because we'll share some tickets for the concert!
Croatian Music Institute is the oldest music institution in Croatia founded 1827. so on this occasion we invite all who like good music and entertainment, regardless of preferred style, generation,... to participate this unique event!

September 20th 2010 - Angel of Fire on American radio show

Premiere of Angel of Fire music in North America tonight at Brutal Existence Radio Show 8-10 pm U.S. Central time!

September 12th 2010 - Angel of Fire online shop

Now you can order our new album LIFT YOUR FLAMES from any place on Earth by the Internet!
Totally new fancy Angel Fire ONLINE SHOP is open!
Check it out here:
Browse items, send your suggestions and comments!

September 10th 2010 - TV Show

Thanks to everyone who came today to TV Show to support us!!! It will be on Croatian National TV, we'll inform you exactly when it will happen! Check some photos from the concert in the gallery!

September 5th 2010 - Angel of Fire playing on TV- Garage Show

Next Friday, September 10th, we'll play concert on Croatian National TV in the show GARAGE!
We invite all who want to be a part of the show may contact us by e-mail and send us their name and surname, and be an audience on Friday at 13:45 in studio 9 - HTV Prisavlje 3, Zagreb! Don't forget your ID card!
See you in the GARAGE!!!

August 25th 2010 - 1000 fans - reward for the fastest fan!!!

1000 fans on Facebook page - thank you for your support!!!
In this ocasion we will reward the fastest fan who answers this question correctly!
What is the title of the first single of the band Angel of Fire?
Send answers to and also write your name, surname and address, and get the album "Lift Your Flames".
Good luck!

July 24th 2010 - News from the gallery

Artistic photos taken by Anastazija Vržina showing scenes of the band Angel Fire in action (festival Zapruđe Live) are in the gallery!

July 23th 2010 - Album in stores

Album Lift Your Flames can be found in music shops such as Dancing Bear and Aquarius music shops, Nama, Narodne novine, etc. ... Some unseen art photos from our concerts and other news related to the band coming soon!

July 18th 2010 - Radio Maestral

Tonight will the coolest frontman of the band Angel of Fire Igor give an interview in Roštiljarka Show at 19:30 on heavy frequencies of the radio Maestral!

17.7.2010. - Rock Era

We have added the interview from the Egyptian Era Rock Magazine to the gallery! Enjoy!

July 16th 2010 - Digital Foto and T3

Angel of Fire is often featured in press media since the album came out. Below you can see clippings from photo magazines Digital Photo and T3.

July 15th 2010 - Meeting Kamelot

Last Sunday Vlad and Magdalena went to Magic Circle, metal festival in Tolmin, Slovenia, and they met members of American band Kamelot.

Kamelot had a great performance showing their huge music talents and professionalism. They were also so cool and friendly to Vlad and Magdalena. What to say when Casey Grillo, who is Vlad's drum idol, showed up to meet the wearing Angel of Fire T-shirt!!!

Thank a lot to members of band Kamelot, it was such a great experience to meet you guys and very motivational to us to keep on practicing.
Hope you'll come to Croatia soon!

Vlad & Magdalena

Vlad and Magdalena also gave a few autographs.
Here are some photos taken at the festival in the gallery.

July 5th 2010 - Egyptian Rock Era Magazine

Ambitions to expand their music outside the Croatian borders are starting to realize ...
We announce you the Egyptian Rock Era Magazine and an exclusive interview with the band, which you can read here:!

June 2nd 2010 - Digital Foto and T3 Magazines

Our last two concerts we photographed by Anastazija Vržina and Dejan Barić. Their photos can be found in new issues of T3, that is coming out on June 6th, and Digital Photo, which is already out!

May 13th 2010 - Weekend

Unfortunately we will not play any concerts this weekend because of the illness of one bandmember. Fortunately, Dani Zapruđa will be transferred to the next weekend, Saturday May 22nd at 18:30. Also during this week you can watch our new video for the song My Call on big screen in Zapruđe as the announcement for our concert!

May 7th 2010 - OBN TV

Angel of Fire TODAY at 10 p.m. on OBN TV in Red Carpet!!!

May 4th 2010. - Album release

Last night, Angel of Fire presented their first album and the new video for the song 'My Call' in the club Sax!

Great thanks to everyone who came, media representatives and all the others who covered this event in media. You can check the video here :

You can read more information about the event on!
You can also find lyrics here.

Some pics from the concert by photographer Dejan Baric:

April 29th 2010 - Angel of Fire music & interview today

Angel of Fire music & interview today at:
12:15 @ radio Marija Bistrica
17:00 @ radio Slavonski brod!

April 28th 2010 - New concert confirmed and album release

We have new confirmed concert on festival Days of Zapruđe in Zagreb on 15th May 2010. More about the event is available here:

Next monday, on 3rd May is coming out our first album, and we'll hold concert in club Sax!, Zagreb,starting at 9 p.m.

We will present the audience a new music video for the first time !

See you in Sax!

April 19th 2010 - The first concert abroad

Belgrade -16th May 2010, Club Cyclone!
More confirmed concerts soon!

April 13th 2010 - Nocturne Magazine

The first review of our first album is released in Nocturne Magazine! Magazine coming soon to Croatia!

April 11th 2010 - FIRST ALBUM COMING OUT!!!

We are proudly announcing:

Release of our debut album "Lift Your Flames" on the 3th May 2010 by Maestro Records. From that day, the album will be available in music stores across Croatia!

Photos of contract signing are in the gallery!!!
Soon coming all the news regardingto the release of the album, concerst, music video....
:) Stay Heavy /m/

April 6th 2010 - New music video!!!

New Angel of Fire music video is coming out soon, it is recorded in cooperation with SK Production and their magnificent lighting and special effects.
Photos from the recording are available in the gallery!

More hot news are coming soon!

February 15th 2010 - Gig in Route 66

We are announcing our next gig on the 23th February (next Tuesday) in club Route 66 at 21 h!

February 9th 2010 - Canceled gig

Unfortunately, the gig on Friday is canceled because of illness of one band member.

February 9th 2010 - Tickets

We are sharing 5 tickets for two of you for Love, passion and R'N'R! Send us a mail with your names and surnames to to enter the contest.

February 8th 2010 - Love, passion & R'N'R

We are proudly announcing our next concert on Love, passion and R'N'R Festival. It's the third year we play in Koprivnica for St. Valentines day. The concert starts at 8 p.m next Friday MMC Kugla Club. See you there/m/ /m/

February 2nd 2010 - Radio show and concert on Thursday!!!

Tomorrow you can listen us on Radio Riva at 21:00 h in a heavy metal show PILA NAOPAKO (live stream is available here

On Thursday we'll play a concert in rock club Time at 21 h!

February 1st 2010 - Motocycle show and invitation to bands!!!

Angel of Fire will hold a concert on 13 th June 2010 on Bundek Lake.
We invite colleagues who play in young bands from the area of Zagreb, who would also perform at the show, to contact us on e-mail: with information about their bands (link to site / myspace, a brief description of the band, contact person). News about gigs will be announced in agreement with motocycle club Veterani.

February 1st 2010 - Video clips

Today we present two videos - first Vlad drum solo when he was 4 and his playing on Motovun Film Festival!

January 25th 2010 - Quartet and next concert

Magdalena invites you to listen to her quartet gig on the show Good Morning Croatia, tomorrow on HRT1.

We are also announcing our next gig next Sunday at Rock Academy (Par Ribnjak 1) at 18.30 .

January 23th 2010 - Metal Eye

Watch us tomorrow in the show Metal Eye on Z1 at 23:00 h. They'll show clips from concert in Zeljeznicar!

January 12th 2010 - Show on HRT-u

We are continuing with showing our TV performances every Tuesday... This is show on Croatian National TV from 2007!

January 5th 2010 - Show on OTV, Metal Camp and 2010 plans

TV show Serbus Zagreb from 2005 when Vlad was only 5 :)

Bend will in 2010 cross the Croatian border and currently is dealing for concerts abroad, which was the original desire and ambition of the band... to go further we can! So we please everyone who has some contacts or recommendations, are organizers, or have any suggestion / comment to contact us on
You can support us by voting for our performance at the Metal Camp 2010 by clicking on the "vote" button next to the name of Angel Fire on the list of bands here, or if you are a registered user click directly this link. Thank You a lot :)

December 22nd 2009 - Show on Croatian TV from 2007

December 21th 2009 - Radio show

You can listen a radio performance of Vlad and our producer Enio Vučeta on Radio Sljeme, from August!

From next Tuesday, we start with the more interesting ... running television performances of the band!

December 12th 2009 - After the concert...

We want to thank to to all who came to our concert in Željeznicar, to organizers and guests, affirmed Croatian musicians - guitarists Enio Vuceta and Damir Lipošek - Kex, drummer Damir Šomen, and dear friends drummers from The Rock Academy: Lucija Majstorović, Bruna Matić, Eva Juretić and Filip Bartoluci. You can see photos in the gallery, and the video will arrive soon!


December 1st 2009 - Radio show

Another week has passed, and it's time for a new radio recording! You can listen to the appearance of Vlad, Igor, Magdalena and Emil in Radio Sljeme Show from February 2009.!


December 1st 2009 - Radio show

Tuesday is a day for a new radio show! Here is a recording of Vanja and Vlad on Radio Sljeme from summer 2008!


November 29th 2009 - First anniversary of Valhalla party in new club Željezničar

We are playing a concert with progressive brass metal band We Come One from Požega, on Friday, 11th December 2009. in club Željeznicar (Trnjanska 1, near the Concert hall Vatroslav Lisinski), at 21h, on first anniversary of heavy/power/metal event Valhalla party thanks to dj Kneža. The ticket costs 20 kuna.

We are preparing something new for this concert, that the band has never performed. We are also announcing our gear guests: Enio Vuceta and Damir Lipošek - Kex, recognized Croatian musicians and guitar players, who take a part as guest stars in one amazing solo guitar performance on our first album recording. And about other surprises... you'll have to find them out :)

We are announcing to all interested drummers who want to support and take part in the show of the band Angel of Fire in club Željeznicar on the 11th December 2009 to contact us on band mail: !!!
We also have one more request to all who support and follow our work, if have possibility to bring your camera and record the concert, because then will be recording a music video that will be made of your recordings too!!!

This event means a lot to us, and we are happy that we’re going to make it better together! Keep in touch!


November 29th 2009 - Coming soon

Greetings to all! We had some technical problems so we couldn't post further radio shows every Tuesday, but next Tuesday we are continuing.


November 2nd 2009 - Radio shows

Here is a recording of radio show White Raven (2005) from the beginning of Vlad's and Magdalena's career. There are many Vlad's funny moments... It wasn't a problem for him to say in the middle of the interview that he has to pee. We have totally forgotten how it was when he was 5! So, every Tuesday we'll put a radio show, chronologically as we grow and progress! Enjoy!


November 2nd 2009 - New concerts!!!

We have confirmed performances on the Music and Multimedia Fair in the 15th November at 4 p.m. on the 7th Pavilion, and will play a concert on the 11th December with the band We Come One in club Zeljeznicar on Valhalla party! Details coming later. See ya!


October 30th 2009 - Videos from club Sax!

Angel of Fire - Angel of Fire

Two fantastic Vlad drum solos dedicated to Mike Terrana and Casey Grillo, and performed on the same gig can be found here!
Vlad also met Mike Terrana, and you can see the pictures in the gallery!

October 19th 2009 - Circoolar

We are announcing the next concert this Sunday at the Rock Academy at 18:30, Park Ribnjak 1, Zagreb.

We also announce Circoolar, Croatian demo award, which will be held on the 28th November in Arsenal club, Zadar.

The band is nominated in these categories:
Most original Croatian demo bend 2008/2009
The best web presentation of Croatian bands 2008/2009
The best music video presentation of Croatian bands 2008/2009
and our guitarist Magdalena Loborec in category:
Demo heroine 2008/2009

You can support us by voting! You can vote by filling the voting list in a Word document that is available here. In the voting list write your name in the first red row, and in each category mark in red color the best band / site / performance in your opinion, in green the second one, in blue the third and in yellow the fourth. Send the completed form to

Thank you for your support! All best, Angel of Fire


October 7th 2009 - Angel of Fire again in club Sax!

Tomorrow we will be playing a gig in club Sax! The show starts at 21.00. See you there! \m/


October 1st 2009 - Band Battle

Support us on Band Battle in club Soba on Saturday, 3rd October at 9 p.m.! Have fun!


September 17th 2009 - Rujanfest

We are inviting you to our next concert on Rujanfest festival on Monday, September 21st at 20 p.m. on Bundek Lake! We are looking forward to your arrival!

We have also confirmed concert in club Sax! on the 8th September, more details coming soon...


July 30th 2009 - Recesion of the concert in Varaždin

The concert in Varaždin was great!

Recension and photos are available here!


July 23rd 2009 – Announcement of the concert in Varaždin

Listen to us tomorrow at 10 a.m. on Varaždin radio KULT (96.5 MHz)!


July 22th 2009 – Concert in Varaždin and more concerts in autumn

Just a small change of plan... Concert in Varaždin was moved from Friday to Saturday, so on July 25th at 8:00 p.m. on Kazališni trg by the fountain! See you there!!!

Angel of Fire u Varaždinu
Photo from Varaždin castle – Old Town

We have a confirmed gig on Screaming for Vengeance pt.2 festival on September 11th 2009 in Youth center Koprivnica with the beginning at 8:00 p.m. Besides us the bands SAVANT - Heavy metal (Koprivnica), BAD BLOOD - Thrash / Hardcore (Cakovec), FORCE - Whitesnake, Deep Purple cover (Varaždin).


July 15th 2009 - Album is recorded!!!

We are proudly announcing the end of recording our first studio album!


Album «Lift Your Flames» was recorded and mixed by Adam Žvigac and Enio Vuceta at Studio „Tajni svijet“. Magdalena Loborec, band founder and the guitar player, student at the Zagreb University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, is the composer of the music, but spiritual and often symbolic lyrics are written by Igor Okicic, student at the Zagreb University, Philosophical Studies.

All the band members participate in arrangements, besides the above stated, bass player Vanja Pandžic, student at the Zagreb University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, keyboard player Emil Zuccon who is a high school student and surprisingly excellent drummer Vlad Vuceta, who is now only 9 years old.

Songs from the album «Lift Your Flames» thematically express various life situations and feelings such as: love, loneliness, turning points in life and struggles which occupy every person in a specific way. You can listen song samples in the player above!

Damir Lipošek- Kex and Enio Vuceta, recognized Croatian musicians and guitar players, take a part as a guest stars in one amazing solo guitar performance.

Connected to the publishing of the album, the band members are already planning concerts in Croatia but have ambitions to show their potentials abroad.

The newest information about releasing the album will be published on this page!

July 15th 2009 - New gallery

New image gallery is available here!

July 09th 2009 - New logo

Thanks to young and talented designer Ivan Orin Vrkaš who designed our new logo!


June 26th 2009 – Concerts continue during the summer

Our next concert will be held in beautiful city of Varaždin on Friday July 24th at 8:00 p.m. on Kazališni trg by the fountain! We are looking forward to your arrival! Until then... enjoy the summer!


June 19th 2009 – Photos and article in Arena magazine

Photos taken by Marija Buljeta from our performance on Civil associations fair are available in the gallery, and you can read an article about the band in the new edition of Arena magazine!


June 3rd 2009 – Concert on rock Academy

We invite you to the concert of Rock Academy attenders on Sunday June 7th 2009 at 6:30 p.m. where we will be playing too. We are looking forward to your arrival!


May 27th 2009 – United Forces

Read about us in the new edition of the only croatian metal magazine United Forces!!!


May 25th 2009 – Concerts

These beautiful spring days we will spend by giving lots of concerts! After Zaprude and club Sax, band will perform on Friday June 5th 2009 at 12 o'clock on King Tomislav square as part of „Civil associations fair“ which will be held under the sponsorship of Zagreb city, Town's council for health, work and social security from June 1st to June 5th 2009 daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We are looking forward to your arrival!


May 25th 2009 – Concert in Zaprude

Concert on Days of Zaprude was great! Well organized, awesome stage, bands and atmosphere... Photos are available in the gallery!


May 7th 2009 – Concert in Oroslavje

We are inviting you to the fourth civil associations fair of Krapina – Zagorje county in Oroslavje (Oro square) on Saturday May 9th 2009. We will be playing at 5:00 p.m. See you there!


April 24th 2009 – Concert in club Sax

We have a confirmed concert appearance in club Sax as part of Rock Academy production on May 25th! See you there!


April 23rd 2009 – 25th Musical Biennale Zagreb

Igor and Magdalena proudly present tonight's concert as part of the 25th Musical Biennale Zagreb, international festival of modern music where the attenders of Rock Academy will perform their two compositions: Tiha glad (Silent Hunger) and Dvori od svjetlosti (Light Castles).

Come at 11:30 p.m. to ITD theatre!

We are looking forward to your arrival!


4.4.2009. - Nightwish...

Photos from the gathering with the greatest Finnish band Nightwish that made a beautiful concert in Zagreb a few days ago, are available here:

More photos are available in the gallery!


April 4th 2009 – Gig in Samobor

We are announcing a concert where we will participate, along with some other bands, in the series of events in the ocassion of the festival „I too can change the world“ on Friday April 24th 2009 in Samobor on Matica hrvatska square number 3. The concert starts at 7:30 pm! Hope we see you there!



April 4th 2009 – Recording of the album

The recording is allready coming to an end and Damir Lipošek, famous croatian guitarist, recently participated as a guest star on some of the songs!


March 4th 2009 - Photos from Jutarnji list magazine

Photos from Jutarnji list magazine from photographer Bruno Konjevic are available here:


February 25th 2009 – Metal Camp

You can support us by voting for our appearence on Metal Camp 2009! You can vote here, by typing the words: Angel of Fire in the Search section and by pushing the button „vote“. Thank you!


February 25th 2009 – Concerts

We have slowly begun filling up our schedule with some new concerts that will accure this spring. We are announcing a benefit concert on April 3rd 2009 in a sports hall in Bjelovar, organized by the Croatian heart foundation, and also on April 17th 2009 in a sports hall in Kutina!
More information will be presented soon!


February 13th 2009 – Band on the radio Sljeme

Listen to the show „Young hopes“ on radio Sljeme on Monday February 16th at 8:30 pm where we are invited as guests. You can listen the show here.


February 8th 2009 – An article about the band in daily newspapers Jutarnji list

Is available here!


February 4th 2009 – Concert in Svarcova hall

We are announcing a concert on February 18th 2009 on 1:30 pm in a music hall in Svarcova street number 18. We are looking forward to your arrival!


February 1st 2009 – Love, passion and R'n'R Festival!!!

We are proudly announcing our reappearence on the Love, passion and R'n'R festival in Koprivnica on February 13th 2009 on a rock concert organised on the occasion of Valentine's day. We are playing with the bands Pod naponom (organisers of the festival) and Altera. The concert starts at 9 pm. See you there!

January 27th 2009 – New photos!!!

Photos from the concert on the Rock Academy and from the studio are available in the gallery!!


January 22, 2009 – Concert on Rock Academy

On Sunday January 25th at 6:30 pm we are playing in a production concert of Rock Academy, Ribnjak Park number 1. See You there!


January 14th 2009 - Recording of the album

We would like to inform you that we are very pleased with the recording of our album in the „Tajni svijet“ studio so far. The complete drums and guitars have been recorded in all of the songs. Good news for all of those who follow our work is that, at this pace, our first album should see the light of day very soon! We will continue to inform you of every new information about the album recording!


December 27th 2008 – Happy holidays

This holiday season we will intensify our work on the studio recording of our first album. The drums are completely recorded and the pictures from studio are available in the gallery.
The line up of Angel of Fire wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year!


December 6, 2008 – Concert on Rock Academy

On Sunday December 7th at 6:30 pm we are playing in a production concert of Rock Academy, Ribnjak Park number 1.


November 27, 2008. - Show on Varaždin TV

We are invited as guests on the "Koktel" show aired on Varaždin TV. The show is scheduled for Friday, November 27th, at 20.00 h.


November 22, 2008. - After the gig in club Sax...

The gig and the audience were fantastic! Thanks to everyone who supported us! Some photos are available in the gallery!


November 2, 2008. – Photos from Boogaloo!

Photos from Imagine Festival in Boogaloo club taken by Tomislav Veic are available in the gallery!

November 2, 2008. – Angel of Fire again in club Sax!

On November 18th, 2008 we will be playing a gig in club Sax with Hitchock, Peti Zid and Nerd Smile.

The show starts at 21.00.

See you there! \m/

September 29, 2008. Videos from O' Rock festival!!!

The videos from O' Rock festival are available here.

August 31, 2008. - Confirmed gig on the O'Rock festival

We have a confirmed gig on the O'Rock festival in Oroslavlje on the 6th September. Hope we see you there!

August 31, 2008. - Confirmed gig on the Imagine festival

We have a confirmed gig on Imagine festival in Zagreb. The concert will be on October 11th in club Boogaloo. Hope we see you there!

August 30, 2008. - An article in a magazine United Forces

In a new edition of heavy metal magazine United Forces an article came out about our band. It is available here.

August 25, 2008. - An article in Vecernji list

An article about us came out in the newspaper Vecernji list. The article is available for reading here.

August 25, 2008. - An article in a magazine Maksimir-moj kvart

An article about us came out in a magazine Maksimir-moj kvart. The article is available for reading here.

August 25, 2008. - Change of the band lineup

We have decided to part ways with Luka Maric and Lucija Majstorovic.We wish them both luck in their new projects. New band members are Vanja Pandžic on bass-guitar and Emil Zuccon on the keyboards. In that changed lineup we have made a new fotosession in cooperation with Lorena Matic and Nastja Kljaic. Gallery of pictures is available here.

January 8, 2008. - Gig Confirmed

On January 15th, 2008. we will be playing a gig in club Sax with Why Not? from Rijeka and Ego Trip from Knin.
The show starts at 21.00
See you there! \m/

December 27, 2007 - New band photos

We have completed our first photo shoot with a professional photographer, Marina Filipovic. The gallery from the shoot should be up soon, here are a few preview pictures:


December 25, 2007 - Happy Holidays

This holiday season we will be intensifying our work. We are currently preparing for a gig in the club Sax (mid January, exact date has not been set yet) and a new recoding session in the studio (end of January).

The line up of Angel of Fire wishes you all the best in the coming holydays!

December 12, 2007. - Interview on SmartTV

Tomorrow, on December 13th, 2007, we are giving an interview on SmartTV , the interview will be aired live at 10 a.m.

December 09, 2007. - New song recorded and available for listening

Finally we are announcing that the studio recording of our second son: «Angel of Fire» is finished. The Recording was done in the «Tajni Svijet» studio, production by Adam Zigac and Enio Vuceta.
The song is available here.
Currently we are preparing several gigs, we'll have more information soon.


October 08, 2007. - Recording of the song "Angel of Fire" has begun

We have begun recording of our second song, called "Angel of Fire". You can see a live performance of the song here: Video section , the studio version will be much better and available for listening soon.

October 04, 2007. - Change of the band lineup

Due to some problems inside the band we have decided to part ways with Iva Kleiner, our keyboard player. We wish her luck in her new projects. We are also announcing that the search for a new keyboard player has begun. You can find more information here.

September 29, 2007. - "Metal Eye" show appearance scheduled

After appearing on croatian national television (Hrvatska Radio Televizija), we have been invited as guests on the Metal Eye show aired on Otvorena televizija. The show is scheduled for Sunday, October 14th, at 21.30.